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Bonsai Care

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  1. Watering

    • Check daily by poking your finger down into the soil approximately two inches. If it is dry or barely moist, water it. If it is wet, don't water it.
    • Do not determine watering needs by the surface moisture.
    • The morning is the best time to water, but be aware of frost. Wait for the ice to thaw completely before watering.
    • Do not water blooms as they will wilt prematurely.
  2. Feeding

    • We recommend an organic fertilizer such as blood-meal, bone-meal, or fish-meal.
    • In the spring feed with a balanced fertilizer, while in the fall feed with a 0-10-10 mixture.
    • Do not fertilize after October.
    • Be careful to not fertilize a tree a month or so after transplanting.
    • Never fertilize a tree that is weak or unhealthy.
    • Special feeding should be given to azaleas.
  3. Spraying

    • It is ideal to spray trees while dormant, but okay at other times as needed.
    • Follow directions on insecticide labels.
  4. Extreme Weather

    • Protect your tree from extreme weather conditions.
    • Do not allow the roots to freeze, or foliage to burn.
    • High winds can dry soil out very quickly.
    • Be aware of how the weather affects your tree.

If you have a particular question feel free to send it to info@bonsainw.com and one of our Bonsai Experts will get back to you. Always indicate where you are located as climate will help in determining the best answer or solution to your question.

Care sheets will be given with each tree purchase.